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House calls offer many conveniences that are sometimes very much needed by our clients. Such a case could be being in faraway places like Al Ain, saving you from traffic jams and long distance travelling with your pet. One of the other biggest advantages to your pet is overcoming the fear and trauma that many animals experience when taken from their home to a veterinary hospital. Many animals release pheromones (chemical scent signals), under traumatic conditions that linger in the air and may cause fearful reactions in animals that detect them.

At the Lotus Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to becoming your partner in maintaining your pet’s health, and in doing so, enhancing and preserving the unique and valuable bond you share. Our commitment is not only to treat your pets when they are not feeling well, but also to help you learn how to keep your furry family members thriving so you may enjoy the benefits of each other's company for as much quality time as possible.

Pets, especially cats, are territorial creatures of habit. This means that they establish a specifically defined area where they have access to all resources needed for survival, and above all, a safe place to rest. Once this area is established, it is unnatural and rare at best, for a cat to venture beyond these boundaries. When a cat is taken from the safety of its territory, loaded into a car, and driven through city traffic to a place with unfamiliar sounds and smells, this can be an instinctively frightening experience. Suddenly your cat is out of her established area of safety and you, her trusted ally, have directly contributed to that. At this point it is more likely your kitty will hide and will not interact with you after such a stressful event for a couple of days.

At the Lotus Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to providing excellence in complete veterinary outpatient care in the serenity of your home. That trip to the vet is no longer always necessary; trusted veterinary care is now at your doorstep.

By examining your pet in its own environment, where it is more secure (and hopefully less aggressive), we can better evaluate behavior and conditions which may be caused or aggravated by vet clinic environment. In addition, there is a lower risk of being exposed to diseases that may be floating around in a hospital waiting room. This is especially important for very young or very old pets that do not have good immunity and, for pets with weakened immune systems.

In addition to the benefits for your pet, a house call may make more sense for many owners. Since you won't have to gather up your pets, drive to the clinic, and wait to see the veterinarian and drive back home, there is less time wasted for you. We offer greater freedom in scheduling appointments and will work around your schedule. Since we will be with you the whole time, you will get more personalized care.

We will provide professional veterinary care to your dogs and cats, specifically geared towards their humane treatment. The focus of our practice is on prevention, since many pets, especially cats when they live in a home or neighborhood with other pets, have a powerful instinct to hide their ailments. This comes from a long history in the wild where life depends on the survival of the fittest. Revealing any weakness or disease is poor survival strategy and avoided if possible. Thorough check-ups and preventive care help detect and address hidden or actively suppressed health problems before they become serious. The earlier a problem is found, the easier it is to overcome and maintain your pet's health for years to come. With every house call, your pet will receive a comprehensive physical exam, vaccinations (if required), and any medicine or pet care product that your pet may need from our fully stocked pharmacy. Dogs and cats can’t tell you when they’re sick. Our veterinarians have a vast clinical experience that helps, but if sometimes we need a closer look into what's ailing your pet, we are outfitted to perform the appropriate diagnostics. The samples for blood panels, fecal exams, urinalysis, biopsies, bacteriological cultures, etc., can be easily obtained in the stress-less environment of your home.