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Wednesday, 14 September 2022 13:41

Veterinary Assistant Featured

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Are you looking to join a compassionate and enthusiastic veterinary team who are committed to bettering the lives of animals and strengthening the human-animal bond? We believe that strong communication and a client-focused approach are the key to providing the best medicine for our patients in today’s ever challenging veterinary setting. If you agree, we invite you to join our team!

We are seeking an experienced full time/part time/ temporary  veterinary assistant or credentialed veterinary technician to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a minimum one year experience in the veterinary field, but we will consider less experienced applicants on an individual basis. Candidates should exhibit strong interpersonal skills, computer literacy, the ability to multitask, and the drive to learn new skills. Patient advocacy, good client relations, and a team-based mindset are essential.

Duties include: Communication with and educating clients, taking patient histories and assisting the doctor during exams, invoicing/taking payments, scheduling patient visits, answering phones and followups with clients after surgery/exams, cleaning and general maintenance duties through hospital, restocking hospital supplies, cleaning and sterilization of surgical instruments, processing in house laboratory work and preparing lab specimens to be submitted to outside lab, assisting with and taking of digital radiographs (including digital dental), patient monitoring, anesthetic/analgesic monitoring, assist with maintenance of medical equipment, administer medications (Oral, IV, IM, SQ) under supervision of doctor, filling medical prescriptions, performing venipuncture and placing IVC, attend staff meetings and keep up to date on hospital protocols, other duties as experience and hospital needs arise.


Comforting and Restraining Animals

You need to comfort and restrain animals during examinations and treatments. You need to make sure that animals do not move when they are receiving injections. This includes being able to keep animals calm and providing the comfort they need.

Interacting with Clients

You need to discuss the pet’s medical history with their carers. This includes obtaining medical records and details of any ongoing conditions. You need to be polite and friendly while maintaining a professional attitude.

Administering Medications

When pets are left at the clinic for a few days, you are likely to have to give them medicine. This could be in the form of pills, drops, or injections. You need to follow the correct procedure for giving medication and keep careful records. You will also need to check in on the animal to make sure they do not have negative reactions.

Cleaning and Maintaining Facilities

The examination rooms, treatment rooms, cages, and laboratories need to be clean and sanitized at all times. After pets have been treated, you need to sanitize all surfaces they have touched. You must also sweep and mop the floors regularly and help keep rooms tidy.

Skills And Attributes

Generally speaking, you do not need to have a lot of experience to do this job. However, there are several soft skills you need to develop to do this job well. Here are some of the main skills and attributes successful veterinary assistants should have.

Animal care

It is important to have an affinity for animals and a genuine desire to make them happy and comfortable. Tasks like cleaning out cages are not for people with weak stomachs. A love for animals will help make these tasks easier.

Patience and compassion

You will often see both pets and their caregivers at their worst during your daily work. They may be frightened, anxious, and even aggressive. You need to have a lot of both patience and compassion to deal with these difficult situations.


It is important to be able to work well with the vet and other people at the clinic or hospital. You need to know that you can trust each other to help out during difficult situations. You must be ready and willing to help your colleagues when necessary.

Physical stamina

You need to be strong enough to lift heavy pets onto the examination table and carry their cages. Stand for long periods while doing this job. You need to be physically fit to sweep the clinic and keep certain areas clean.

Customer service

When their pets are sick, caregivers are likely to be anxious and upset. You should be able to make them feel calm and at ease. This will help give clients confidence in both you and the vet.

Organization and attention to detail

You need to be able to keep clear and detailed records of each pet that comes to the clinic or hospital. It is important to update records and keep them properly organized. You also need to make sure medications are administered at the right time, and each animal has food and water.

Communication skills

You need to have strong written skills to maintain accurate records of pets. You also need to be able to listen to the needs of animal caregivers and explain treatment clearly. Strong communication skills will make it easier to deal with tense and potentially volatile situations. 

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